4gb 800mhz ddr2 sdram mac

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If you are unsure if this will fit your systems, there is no need to guess, simply email us and our memory expert will be glad to assist you. Samsung's dual channel memory kit is an easy and inexpensive way to increase your Mac's performance! The upgrade itself is not difficult to perform once you have the right memory.

This Samsung memory kit is specifically made for Mac's and back by a Lifetime Warranty. How to tell an original Samsung module from 3rd party module? We do not sell gray market , oem or refurbished Samsung products illegally imported and shipped from overseas. A very high percentage of Samsung products listed on eBay are Fake and Counterfeit Samsung encompassing gray market, oem and high number of more expensive retail package product. The only way to avoid buying them, is to really know the product in detail and to be able to compare with genuine Samsung.

MacBook 3.1 RAM upgrade with 800mhz instead of 667mhz

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No disponible. I uploaded a performance app and saw that my system was using all 2 GB of original Ram and it was also caching virtual memory from the hard drive. This was causing the very slow or system locking up issue. One screw on the bottom removed, pulled both cards and installed the two new chipsets and the performance is markedly improved.

Now the system is using up to 2. Programs load faster and it seems web pages as well. January 26, - Published on Amazon. After upgrading my iMac operating system from the abandoned Leopard to Mountain Lion Still, the spinning beach ball of death and the constant crashing of flash and shockwave were pretty hard to live with. It was even taking as much as 30 seconds to get my dashboard calculator to come up I could get out my old handheld in that length of time from the other room! As luck would have it, I happened to overhear someone at the library talking about upgrading the memory on his old iMac.

Crucial 4GB Kit (2 x 2GB) DDR SODIMM | CT2KITAC | inrarocti.tk

He was kind enough to tell me more about that, and I went right home and researched it slowly Apple actually has VERY clear instructions for changing or upgrading memory on their support pages supportdotappledotcom. I'd give you actual the URL, but you can't do that in Amazon reviews. Just know it's there When you get to the support page, search for "remove and install memory", and it will guide you to complete instructions for your model. It is unbelievably easy! Next stop, Amazon, of course.

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Once I had the exact specifications for the memory that I needed to buy, I found it easily on Amazon's website. I was so relieved by the economical price.

Thank you to all the previous reviewers who gave me confidence to try this product! It is amazing! January 14, - Published on Amazon. I have an iMac with a 2.

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To find out what processor and memory is in your iMac, click the Apple icon in the top left corner, then click About This Mac. Good Luck!!! August 2, - Published on Amazon. It required only five minutes to turn my sluggish MacBook into a very fast machine. If you run a lot of programs at one time, or run graphics, photo- or video-editing software, you'll find a big improvement after installing these two modules. As a matter of fact, just opening a clunky program like MS Word goes so much faster now.

MacBooks of this era shipped with just 2GB of memory, which isn't enough. I run a inch ViewSonic monitor off my little MacBook and edit photos. Before, I was drumming my fingers and waiting for the software to end its process with each photo. Now, I can run two or three editing programs simultaneously and not bog my machine down. I've added memory to computers before without seeing a huge improvement; doubling the memory makes a huge difference. February 11, - Published on Amazon. The Kingston Apple 4G kit is fine-just what it says it is.

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The kit could use some more detailed instructions; i. I know you're supposed to use a right-sized Phillips head screw driver; but-no joy here as it merely strips the screw. The only way to get it out is to wedge a flat-bladed screwdriver under the edges and apply brute force to bend the plate.

I know this isn't Kingston's fault. Their memory cards slip in okay and, with a little wiggling, will snap into place.

Memory for Mac Pro

It might help if they had a label that said "This side up" for those like me who are truly not handy. No, what Kington needs to do is design and include a tool in their kit, charging for it. The very old macs used to have a very long Allen-wrench type tool, which would open the case.

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  5. Kingston needs something similar in its kit, which is worthless if you can't get that screw out.

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