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The Dell DW measures 0.

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Along with its slim profile, the device weighs just 0. Support is confirmed for Windows, but reviewers have mentioned using the Dell DW with Mac computers as well. As far as performance goes, the Dell DW scores good marks in line with what most of the competition has to offer.

It can offer those same speeds for writing as well. The drive is basic in design, with a pop-out tray for optical media and a single USB 2.

It can read CDs at 24x speeds and DVDs at 8x, plus it has support for M-Disc in case you need archival-quality backups — all this is to say the device sits shoulder to shoulder with much of the competition. Though this is our top pick focused on Mac, plenty of our other picks offer support for Mac, so be sure to check the rest out if you need other features or want a different design. Many modern laptops and ultrabooks decide to forgo an optical drive in order to trim down their size and weight.

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Measuring just 0. And, it measures just 0.

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The ZenDrive offers excellent performance for its size, with CD read and write speeds up to 24x, and DVD read and write speeds up to 8x. For anyone that needs archival quality, the ZenDrive also supports burning to M-Disc for long-lasting data storage. The Asus ZenDrive supports both Windows and Mac, and it includes CyberLink software to help you get started with storing content on physical media. Lite-On has an affordable drive that offers comparable specs to many of the best drives on our list while also supporting new Ultra HD Blu-Ray media.

The drive also supports M-Disc, in the event you'd like to make long-lasting backups. All the more impressive is that the Lite-On EB1 measures just 0. Our writers spent 5 hours researching the most popular external optical drives on the market. Before making their final recommendations, they considered 70 different drives overall, screened options from 14 different brands and manufacturers, and read over 70 user reviews both positive and negative. All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust. Share Pin Email.

Mark Knapp has been a technology feature writer since This is especially helpful since you might only need to use an optical drive every now and then.

CD/DVD Drives

If your computer previously had a built-in optical drive that needs to be replaced or upgraded, you can opt for an internal optical drive. These drives are installed directly into your computer tower or laptop, and will require a little bit of technical know-how when installing.

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Typically, a Blu-ray drive will also support all three. Beyond these three formats, different drives support different read-write functions. Categories Internal Hard Drives External Hard Drives SSD USB Flash Drives Current Offers.

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