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I'm talking big game online? Do you want to hurt me, anonymous? Do you want to shoot me for dissing your loser, thug hero? You know what breaks my heart the most? All the lives that have been lost by people who have tried to live the "gangsta" lifestyle that has been glorified by assholes like Andre "Mac Dre" Hicks. Oh man.

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What about britan owning our federal reserves? But the question that should be posed is why? Much like the spartans, hitler was concered with, i know this is gonna sound completly wrong, hummanity as a whole. I hope I cleared some of the fog.

Luis, I can't say that you cleared the fog, but your stream-of-consciousness meanderings were wildly entertaining to read. And any argument you might have had was negated by your assertion that Tupac Shakur merely slapped the woman on the ass. That's it huh? You might want to read the details of that case again. Get help. You are just an asshole,stereotypical republican!! Your blog sucks and you are a weak wanna be rush limbaugh.

It's entertainment!!

And i know kids look up to it, but that is not mac dre's fault. You also deserve some blame because you are an educater whose job it is to teach this to kids. It does my heart well to know that almost six years after I wrote this post, I still manage to piss off the occasional knucklehead who actually thinks the dearly departed Andre Hicks is worth defending. Keep it coming you c rap music fans.

By the way, who are you calling middle aged?


RIP Mac Dre Tomorrow's his Birthday but we celebrating today Many sale sites is availabe in market but i think jabongsale. Post a Comment. Louis Farrakhan? The hateful looking individual you see above is named Andre Hicks. Hicks hailed from the city of Vallejo, California. In , he began serving a five year jail sentence for conspiracy to commit armed bank robbery with his gang, called the "Romper Room Gang" which operated out of Vallejo. While in prison, Mr. Hicks recorded one of his albums over the inmate phone.

Hicks taunted the cops who had been unable to tie the Romper Room Gang to the string of bank robberies attributed to them. Here is a sample of the lyrics. I warn you - profanity abounds: These punk police won't let up They trying to keep me down and keep me in a ditch But the only thing they doing is making me rich They painted a picture of a ruthless villain Told all my fans that I was stealing Jealous mothafuckas, I never steal I make more money than you never will Mac Dre arrested for attempted heist The mothafucking feds ain't nothing nice They said I was the one doing all this shit But banks just keep on getting hit Feds trying to send a nigga up the creek But Dre ain't worried cause the case is week They say I'm the one calling all the shots But fuck them feds and fuck them cops And to that punk mothafucka Detective Nic Dic Hear me loud and clear, fool: suck my big dick Of course the law had the last laugh.

At Mr. Hicks' trial, his own rap lyrics about the gang's shenanigans were submitted as evidence. After being released from prison in , Mr. Kinda disgusting to think about that too. Even though I was obsessed with Playboy magazines back then, I still refused to grow up completely because I was still collecting baseball cards.

Little did I realize most of these things were Bay Area related. As the years went on I noticed some of my favorite music came the Bay Area. Pictured above with The Fresh Prince. Peace, — The Big Sleep. Drayzee was just kind enough to allow us to use his own work and to represent it via T. Thank you Drayzee for this massive work. Warren G — This Is the Shack 4. Remy — Roll Wit Us 5. Eazy-E 6. Mista Grimm — Indo Smoke Feat. Warren G, Nate Dogg 8. Conscious Daughters — Fonky Expedition Remix Big Mello — Funkwichamind Luniz — Playa Hata Warren G — This D.

Dubee — My Thang Tha Eastsidaz — Friday Night Ft. Bokie Loc The Dove Shack — Smoke Out OutKast — Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik Warren G I got a lot of friends that have made that step and you lose a lot of things such as creative control. When your album is coming out. You might think that you got the hottest album right now and your sh t is shelved for a year or two or three.

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I'm hot right now. My sh t needs to be on the streets, guaranteed. I'm gonna make enough money to start another business or something. What's going on in Vallejo? Half of your music is the beat, who do you get to do your music? So we're real selective on who we choose. Tone Capone is one. Mac Dre to me is the most acted like rapper in Northern California. Come out to the Bay and you got 15 year old cats acting like Dre, Ghost riding their whips, Thizzing, and going Stupid. He is truly an entertainer. Thizz Entertainment travels as far as Omaha, Nebraska, Denver, Colorado, even to Honolulu, Hawaii just letting people know who don't know about Mac Dre and his comic-style gangster rap.

I have talked to numerous people who have seen Dre perform on Indian Reservations, small towns, and cities no one ever heard of. He was hella funny. He always was Rompin. He always had good karma around him. He had the strength to bring the whole Bay back. It was just starting for him.

To sum him up, he was a trendsetter, a Bay Area entrepreneur, gangsta pimpin, game spitter, a true leader. I had the chance to grow up with him, in the early days of our careers.

Top 10 Mac Dre Songs

Since we was both from Vallejo, just two different sides of the town. It was like a competition.

Mac Dre RIP

When you have competition, it brings success. He was doing his thing. We did our thing together. We bridged the gap. We had a chance to do a couple of songs together. We also had the chance to do a couple of shows on the road together. We had a chance to grow together, and merge, and everything was all good. He was on the up rise again, it was good to see that.

He was a trendsetter for the Bay believe that.

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