Change mac address win7 registry

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Method 1: Change settings from Device Manager. Right click on Network Adapter , click Properties.

Method 2: Change the registry value. Navigate to. Under this key, you should see numbers in sequence as " ", " " and so on. Click one at a time to check the description of the device to match it with that of your Network Card. In this case it is " ". Highlight the corresponding number that match your Network Card, in the right-pane, look for the " NetworkAddress " key value.

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Right-click on it and select modify. Enter the desired MAC-Address as a 12 digit number all in one, no "space" ". If the key "NetworkAddress" does not appear in the right pane, right-click in the blank space, select " New " then " String Value ". Enter the name as " NetworkAddress ". Now Double click on it and set the desired value. Applies to: Windows 7 Starter. Windows 7 Home Basic. Windows 7 Home Premium. Windows 7 Professional.

Windows 7 Ultimate. Related Bug number: Source Thread: Reference link: MAC addresses are digit values, and should be entered without any dashes or colons. For example, if you want to make the MAC address "2A: Reboot your computer to enable the changes. You can also disable and re-enable your adapter within Windows for the change to become effective without rebooting. Check that the changes took effect.

It should be your new MAC address. Method 2.

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Find your network adapter's ID information. In order to easily identify your network adapter in the Windows Registry, you'll want to gather some basic information about it through the Command Prompt. Note the Description and Physical Address for the active network device. Ignore devices that aren't active Media Disconnected. Type net config rdr and press Enter.

Change or Spoof a MAC Address in Windows or OS X

Open the Registry Editor. This will open the Registry Editor, which will allow you to change the settings for your network card. Making incorrect changes to the registry can cause your system to malfunction. Navigate to the registry key.

How to directly change the MAC address without 3rd party tool

Expand it by clicking the arrow. Find your adapter. There will be several folders labeled "", "", etc. Open each of these and compare the DriverDesc field to the Description you noted in the first step.

How to Change a Computer's Mac Address in Windows (with Pictures)

Right-click on the folder that matches your device. For example, if the "" folder matches your device, right-click on the folder. Name the new value "NetworkAddress". Double-click the new Network Address entry. In the "Value data" field, enter your new MAC address. Ensure that the MAC address is formatted properly.

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Some adapters especially Wi-Fi cards are unforgiving of MAC addresses changes if the first octet's 2nd half isn't a 2,6,A,E or begins with a zero. This requirement has been observed as far back as Windows XP and is formatted as: Should I do a system backup? There are many MAC addresses in the world, so the chances of having the same one on the same network are slim. Don't worry about it unless you have changed two devices to that MAC address. You don't have to do a backup because it's something that will reset if you delete the entry and then restart your computer.

Change OS X MAC Address

Yes No. Not Helpful 8 Helpful Allan Cramer. No, the MAC address is unique to each device. I'm not even sure you can change Apple MAC addresses, but if you can, you'll have to do that with each one. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 6. Unanswered Questions. Answer this question Flag as Flag as Is there a way to change the mac address for wireless network for Windows Vista and up? Is it possible to change the wifi MAC address too? If I delete the new registry entry I create, will the original mac address be used again?

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