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I played around with it last night and was able to use my PS3 controller - wireless - on Lion without any additional driver software. What does it take to use the controller wirelessly? What I really want is a dual joystick setup for playing Robotron. It has to be two big-ass, set-in-granite joysticks, though, as proper Robotron play involves lots of leaning and grunting. A dual-shock gamepad and two thumbs ain't gonna do it! I almost bought a Tankstick a coupla years ago, but got scared off by all the negative comments.

Then again, the company has a lifetime warranty, so I'm still considering them, especially as I don't see anything else comparable on the market, and building my own is not an option at this point in my life. A Bluetooth pairing prompt popped up and I was good to go. One note: the player indicator LEDs didn't light up when it was connected wirelessly, but it still worked.

Those steps are what I did to use it wirelessly with the the TattieBogle driver too.

Assassin's Creed 2: PS3 controller; Gamepad Companion

Gaming Controller for OS X emulators? Posted: Sun Jan 08, pm. Posted: Mon Jan 09, am. Ars Praetorian et Subscriptor. The game is showing game settings for the controller but its not doing a thing.

How to connect game controllers to your Mac

While it says connected and the lights are flashing, launch your game and see if it detects the controller. I am on OSX Hi I just wanted to add in case not mentioned yet you must unplug your controller from your Mac to have it connect via Bluetooth. So make sure the controller is fully charged first. Works really well!

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I have a similar problem, i get my controller connected fine with no problems on my macbook The game just refuses to start with the bluetooth on and the controller connected,what do i do?! I am currently using mavericks and have connected my ps3 controller a couple of times if I see the steps above I would be kind of worried to have to put a paperclip in my controller I so happen to know a much easier way to connect the controller to a mac book without having to stick a paperclip in it i think this also works on snow leopard all you need is the usb cable that comes with the controller and of course the controller itself.

Any clues on how to pair a PS3 wireless controller with Yosemite Snow Leopard on a Mac Pro. I turned Bluetooth off and on and unplugged the controller and it showed up. It was more surprise than careful setup. The only game I had to test it was Marathon and it worked, although not well. When the controller turns on and my computer is not turned on.. I worry that if the controller is in my bag, it might turn on and stay on until the battery dies. Hey, so i finally got this working but the buttons are all wrong for the game. Anyone know how i can reconfigure them?

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I'm assassin's creed:brotherhood for mac osx and my joystick xbox don't work. I download gamepad companion to assign to each key on the keyboard to the joystick, but even so it recognizes. Ubisoft help please!!! The game is all other thing with the joystick.

There is an issue Im coming across that would be a simple fix on ubisofts side if they choose to do so. At the moment AC:B only accepts mouse buttons 0 to 7.

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If they were to allow it would allow us to map all the keys we need from a controller be it PS3 or something else to virtual mouse buttons that would work within the game.

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