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Where Mountain Lion Server and older versions would ask for hostname and IP address configuration among other things , the new Server. Configuring those more advanced settings can still be done after the fact in Server. Another consumer-y touch is the addition of new Server Tutorials, which pop up in front of the Server.

The old Server. Along with the simplification of the setup process, they make it easier for a Mac enthusiast to make the jump from being a regular old OS X user to an amateur server administrator.

Downloading for Mavericks and Mountain Lion

Learning OS X Server before was a study in digging into Help files, Googling, and just poking around at stuff until it seemed like it was working, but the tutorials provide neophytes a clearer path from Point A to Point B. This all-in-one server administration tool has completely replaced the more advanced but less user-friendly Server Admin Tools from Lion and older versions of OS X, but it supports most of the same features.

You can launch the app directly from the server itself, or you can install it on any OS X client computer and connect to your Mavericks servers using their host names or IP addresses—just click Connect to Server from the Manage menu.


Looking at the left of the screen, start at the top and work your way down. Items in the "Server" section are all about server monitoring and general administration.

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This is where you can view uptime and log information, usage statistics, log files from your various services, and any alerts that the server may have generated. Even in the Alerts section, Mavericks dumbs things down a bit in the name of user friendliness.

Things like "S. Other Server. Finally, the Server section of Server. Push notifications are used with the Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Profile Manager services to alert your users when new messages or calendar invites or other data comes in. Apple's support documentation recommends using push notifications with these services as a more efficient alternative to polling the server for data at a set interval. Push notifications are also used to alert server administrators when new Alerts are generated—any Mac that has connected to your server using Server.

The certificate, which is used to encrypt the communication between your server and your clients, is free, but it must be renewed yearly. Most of your time in Server.

How to Generate Certificate Signing Request on OS X Mavericks

We'll talk more about Accounts later in the Open Directory section, since it's mostly useful for administrators of small to medium-size businesses using their Macs to manage user credentials and permissions. The panes for Server's various services are where you'll spend the vast majority of your time in OS X Server, and we'll be going through each service one by one to explain their particular uses and features. The only universal change to all Service panes is the addition of a new Access section that gives you more granular status messages about what the service is doing at a particular point in time, along with a link to an OS X Server help file with more information for each service.

Most of the time this message will just tell you whether the service is on or off, but again, the name of the game is user-friendliness. I've probably missed the big : "Put your own things here:" label PS: By the way, I wish to modify some of the current configuration, not only adding things Zaphod Zaphod 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges.

Mavericks Server Part 17: Time Machine

I am sure there are long term solutions for these problems. But I suck at permissions. Paul E Paul E 81 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges. If you decide to manually edit your config, be prepared to have to deal with the possibility of manually editing the files forever until you fix the permissions at least, which I still haven't quite figured out yet. Looks like a Software Update came through and moved my conf hacks to apache2.

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    Setting up a VPN Server with Mac OS X Mavericks

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