My send button missing mac mail

The Send button is still missing

When you select an email, you'll see buttons under the search box that let you take action on your messages. For example, you can use the buttons to delete a message or mark it as spam.

Find Missing Emails in Mac OS X’s Mail App

Archive the message. Report the message as spam. Delete the message. Mark the message as unread. Snooze the message. Move the message to a folder. Add or remove a label. Reply to the message. Reply all to the message. Forward the message. The Apple Mail preference file is located at: The preference file is named com. Once you're finished with these steps, try Mail again. You may need to re-enter any recent changes to the Mail settings, per your mail service. But this time you should be able to quit Mail and retain the settings.

Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated October 30, Launch Apple Mail and select Preferences from the Mail menu. In the Mail preferences window that opens, click the 'Accounts' button. From the list, select the mail account that's giving you problems. Click the 'Server Settings' or 'Account Information' tab. Finally, enter your user name and password. The user name is often just your email address. Click 'OK.

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Try sending the email again. From there, you have three choices. First, messages can be sent on a 'Special Date,' meaning a specific time later today, tomorrow, or the next business day.

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Second, you can send a message after a specified number of minutes, hours, or days pass. The final, most granular setting allows you to pick any date and time in the future to send your message.

Rebuild Your Mailbox in Mail

After you set the date and time, clicking the 'Schedule' button places your message in Mail's Drafts folder where it sits until the appointed delivery date and time. Keep in mind that MailButler operates locally only. Unless you have Power Nap enabled and the Mail application open, putting your Mac into sleep mode or turning it off means your scheduled message will not be sent until the next time you wake your Mac or turn it on.

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  8. MailButler also gives you the option to delay sending all messages for a specified number of seconds, which effectively lets you recall a sent message. A window slides down from the title bar of Mail as soon as you click send asking whether you want to 'Undo Send' or 'Send Now.

    Many email systems cannot handle attachments over a certain size. With MailButler, you can specify a file size in preferences, above which any attachments are uploaded to an online storage provider. As soon as you choose a file to attach, a picker appears just above the area where you compose your message that lets you choose from the the storage services you have configured in preferences. As soon as you click 'Send,' MailButler uploads the files and inserts links to them in your message. It's probably a safe bet that you have sent an email at some point and forgotten to include an attachment.

    Highlighting Text In Mail Messages (#1421)

    MailButler tries to anticipate your intent to send a file based on keywords in your message. If it thinks you forgot an attachment, MailButler pops up a reminder before sending your message. In my tests, MailButler correctly identified 'attach' and 'attachment,' as keywords, but failed to prompt me for an attachment when I typed "Here is the file we discussed.

    Mac 101: Where'd my send button go?

    When I saw that MailButler has a notes feature, I got excited. I have always felt that keeping tasks and reference materials among other email is one of the primary things that makes email hard.

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    My bills, package delivery notices, and other important messages easily get lost among advertisements and other unimportant email. The ability to export messages to any app that can accept text, links, and images would be ideal.

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    Unfortunately, MailButler does not make up for Mail's lack of access to the share sheet. MailButler can export messages as notes, but only to Evernote.

    That's not to say that the feature is poorly implemented — it's not. MailButler offers two export options that Evernote users should love. The first is 'Quick Note,' which simply dumps your email into Evernote for future processing. The second is 'Add Note,' which adds the ability to tag, specify a notebook destination, and do other things with notes before sending them to Evernote.

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