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The user can also choose the color for the solid-font digital clock and calendar. Many fans have been suggesting that the user-definable logos displayed in the crystal should fade smoothly to the next, instead of an abrupt transition.

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This has been added to v3. There are many other changes and enhancements. See how many you can find, then come on over to the Fan Forum to discuss. Marine Aquarium 2. Check it out at the iTunes Store.

Review: The Marine Aquarium screen saver by Serene Screen

Here's a short video clip of MA3 in action which was posted in the Gallery of the Fan Forum this is a fairly large video file, so it might take a few moments to load :. Beta 10d is the latest version of Marine Aquarium 3. The full version with installer is available at: Latest Version. Check out the latest version of Marine Aquarium - Beta 10b with a new Feather Duster tubeworm, which retracts when a fish gets near: Latest Version. Beta 10a with moving clams is now the official download version of Marine Aquarium 3 at SereneScreen.

In case there is any confusion regarding versions, let me clear it up. My latest experimental Beta versions, if any, are always posted here on fish-byte.

After a few days of testing to make sure there are no serious bugs, an installer is added and the file is made the Official Beta download available for purchase at SereneScreen. Everyone is free to download and run any of these versions. Without a Key Code, you will have to type in "testfish" each time you run the program, and only 7 of the 28 fish species will be available. If you purchase a Key Code, all the fish will be unlocked, and you won't need to type in "testfish" any more. I'm aware of some customers who are waiting until I call MA3 "finished" before they purchase a Key Code.

Like Disneyland, the Marine Aquarium will never be "finished" - there will always be room for improvement. So, why wait? Join the fun and watch MA3 grow week-by-week. As always, you are welcome to come to the Forum with questions or comments. This version adds the live Blue Clams to the tank. The clams were always there as a static part of the background, but now they open and close whenever a fish gets near. More features are now in Marine Aquarium 3. There's a new interface to handle not only the clock, but any logos you might want to display in the crystal.

I've also expanded the music interface to allow the user to arrange the order of songs.

Marine Aquarium 2.6

The lastest version, with a full Windows installer, can be downloaded here. This version will run without a Key Code, though some features are disabled without one. Stop by the Fan Forum , and let us know what features you'd like to see in future versions!

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After years of development, SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 3 is finally available for download and purchase! This is a Beta-Test version, but your MA3 Key Code will not expire, and entitles you to download all updates through the final version.

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What's in the program: - An incredible new high-definition 3D tank, bringing a whole new definition to 3D aquarium simulations. The larger tank can handle up to 30 fish at once! Spread your aquarium across two or even three screens! Choose your own MP3 or other music files to play in the background as you watch the Aquarium! What's coming soon: - Moving background objects.

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Two objects are already moving, with many more to come! The very next addition! You can already test your custom logo in MA3 and an interface is on the way. There will soon be a greatly expanded interface for customizing the background colors. Once these features are in place, the stage will be set for many exciting additions.

Marine Aquarium OS X 2.6

Optional Creature Packs will utilize the large environment as a playground for a wide array of different fish and invertebrates. If you want to join the fun and participate as this exciting program matures, you may purchase an MA3 Key Code, or upgrade your Key from MA2. You are also welcome to go to the Fan Forum and give your thoughts and suggestions.

The Beta version of Marine Aquarium 3 is available for download.

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Anyone can download and test the v3 Beta. These test versions will have a built-in expiration date, and will be replaced fairly often as bug-fixes are implemented. More info and download link is available at the Forum. Marine Aquarium 3 is nearing the Beta-Test stage. The first release will contain the same fish as MA2. Because the new tank is so much bigger, the program will no longer need the 8-fish limit. In fact, all 28 species can be swimming in the tank at once. This Fish-Byte. The work on Marine Aquarium 3 is going well, and the 3D background is nearly done.

My plan is to allow registered users of MA2. But first I have to create a user interface, and write collision-avoidance routines to keep the fish from running into each other. After the Beta-test period, there will be a small charge to upgrade from MA2. There's more news about MA3 over at the Forum. Yet another use of the Aquarium on a TV show. This time it's 'Reaper'. The Marine Aquarium continues to be featured on television and in the movies.

Tonight, the Teen Choice Awards used it as a background. Prolific Publishing has just reduced the price of Marine Aquarium 2. Progess continues on Marine Aquarium 3. The bubble column is in and working. Like all the objects, it's greatly improved over the MA 2. Progress has been so rapid lately, that I feel confident in stating that it will be released before the end of the year. My plan is to allow anyone with a current legal 2. Visit the Forum for a discussion of 3.

I'm happy to announce that finally, after months of trying, I have a Shader working in the Aquarium program. At the moment it's producing a primitive version of the lightplay on the gravel floor no other objects, yet.

serenescreen marine aquarium 2.6 for mac Serenescreen marine aquarium 2.6 for mac
serenescreen marine aquarium 2.6 for mac Serenescreen marine aquarium 2.6 for mac
serenescreen marine aquarium 2.6 for mac Serenescreen marine aquarium 2.6 for mac
serenescreen marine aquarium 2.6 for mac Serenescreen marine aquarium 2.6 for mac
serenescreen marine aquarium 2.6 for mac Serenescreen marine aquarium 2.6 for mac

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