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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 6 years, 2 months ago. Active 2 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 7k times. According to the documentation on the website, G5 is supported. What kind of answer are you looking for?

Revive your old Mac G3, G4, or G5 with Linux

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Maybe you could add some links to your answer just edit it again to do so to make it more useful for future visitors? My Most Embarrassing Mistakes as a Programmer so far. It's definitely usable on non-Flash intensive websites. I was able to download an image and import it into a Libre Office document without much fuss.

It works great for word processing and reading e-mails. After I installed Wheezy on my friend's iBook, I decided to try an install on my own 1. It's now dual-booting Leopard and after some tweaks, it's running great. Sadly, I've discovered that Flash does not work very well, if at all, on PPC Macs and a lot of the fun sites require it. I think there's going to be a day when I'll no longer be able to run little hacks on Safari to keep it usable for streaming music from Pandora or Rhapsody.

Thanks again Dan! Does not work on a iMac g5. After the install I get a black screen. I get only nouveau errors. Debian is total shit. Waste of time. Get only a black screen with Debian on a iMac g5! Very frustrating. Everything works except two annoying things: 1. On boot, screen is black, so everytime i have to push the brightness keys to see Lightdm and login. Super key swap isn't working after reboot. For the two i have tried. Xmodmap, Xlsession, sys and so on, searched the internet like crasy. This are no big problems for such old machine and sure for me, but i am preparing this computer for my mom and on her age it's too difficult to handle this.

But she's willing to try Linux.

Hi, Sorry I waited so long to approve your comment. I get email alerts for new ones, but I didn't see yours for a few days. The black screen problem is a bug I couldn't find a way around other than pounding the brightness keys. If you already tried the below method for super key swap, then I don't know what the problem could be. It worked for me after reboot.

There is info out there you just have to look for it! I have a 2 g4's one with kubuntu and one with lubuntu and everything works even wifi.

Ubuntu PPC auf iBook / iMac G3 / G4 / G5 installieren - 4noobs

Hi Dan! I'd like to use a PowerMac G4 Cube as an owncloud server. Do you know a place to download Debian 8 powerpc install image from? Those who are late do not get fruit cup. In fact, I'm gonna go for a custom install using Openbox as my window manager for a faster, leaner system, and also because this kind of build-from-the-ground-up approach is a great way to learn Linux. So let's get to it! If you want to dual boot OS X, the same basically applies, and although this guide will be laptop-centric, most of the steps here apply to desktops, too.

The first thing to do is backup your data because you'll be reformatting your hard drive in order to repartition it. After you've backed everything up, boot your computer with an OS 9 or OS X installation disc by inserting it and pressing the "c" key. Next, select your hard drive from the list and click "Initialize At least two, but I'm choosing three, one for Debian, one for Mac OS 9, and one as a sharing partition if you intend to install Debian alone, you can choose one partition. The reason for three? Where is my Caps Lock light?

Why do I have no sound? Why is the software centre or update manager so slow? Why do I have a crossed out icon on the Lubuntu application launch bar? I have a error when updating, why is that? I've lost yaboot, what can I do? Why can't I install a package from a PPA? How do I boot without a monitor i. How do I compile a package? Can I install grub2? What about an x86 emulator? What is Mac-On-Linux?

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All New World Macs should work. The minimum system requirements are given in the release notes. Read this wiki for more help on installing. Ubuntu for PowerPC is now a community supported platform the announcement so you can no longer pay Canonical to support your PowerPC desktop machine. This also means that ISO downloads have been moved to the ports section of the Ubuntu sever, and are no longer on most mirrors. In fact, it is often hard to find any reference to PowerPC on the main Ubuntu website or packages. However, PowerPC packages like for other architectures are available on launchpad where you can look up the source code, build logs and bugs.

click Canonical and the wider community still fix PowerPC bugs when they are reported and when they find them. However, package releases will not be delayed due to problems which are specific to PowerPC.

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Yes, see PowerPCDownloads for downloads. You should only install a release that is still receiving updates.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installation test on PowerMac G5

As time passes there is an almost inevitable creep of bloat or a new feature increases the recommended spec , but developers also find better and more efficient ways of doing things. You will find that the speed of your system goes up, as well as down, from release to release. If you have a very low spec machine then it is recommended to install a derivative such as Xubuntu or Lubuntu that is suitable for your machine's specification.

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